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Power CG Plus 5.7

Software used to give professional quality titles for Professional Quality Video
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Power CG Plus is a software used to give professional quality titles for Professional Quality Video.
* Resolution • 256 Levels Antialiased characters with an effective resolution of better than 1 nanosecond.
* Colors • 16,777,216 colors with 256 levels of transparency and 256 levels of background video. Color can be selected by adjusting RGB or HLS levels. For some interesting effects, try blending colors, background video, and transparency in color gradients.
* Color Spread • create a smooth color spread between any 2 colors in the Characters, Edges, Shadows, and Background Color Boxes.
* Advanced Color Gradient Builder • Color gradients can be applied to the Character, Edges, Shadows, and Background Color Boxes.
o · Linear Color Gradients with up to 16 color points and rotate them up to 90° in either direction,
o · Area Gradients with up to 5 points.
* Textures • Characters, edge, and shadows can be drawn with user definable textures (marble, wood grain, etc). As many as 16 different textures can be used on each page.
* Background Color Boxes • Up to 32 Background Color Boxes. Each Background Color Box can be set to either a solid color, semi-transparent color, background video, a Color Spread, a Color Gradient, or a Texture.
* Full Logo Colors • As many as 16 full color logos can be added to each page. These can be fine positioned,overlapped, etc. just like characters. Once a Logo is loaded, it can be sized within the Power CG.
* Geometric Shapes • Rectangles, Circles, and Elipses can be placed on the page. The roundness can be adjusted from 0-100%. 0% roundness creates square corners, 100% roundness creates circles and elipses. A roundness between 1% and 99% creates a box that has rounded corners. The shapes can be edged, colored, sized, italicized, and rotated just like a character.
* 1000 Independent Layers • Text, Logos, and Shapes can be placed on multiple layers. Each layer is independent of the other layers. Changing something on one layer will not effect the other layers. Layers can be named, swapped, or even hidden.
* Backgrounds • Background Video, Full screen graphics (BMP, JPG, GIF, TIFF, TGA, and PCX). 32 User defined background color boxes.
* Spell Checker • Finds your spelling errors before your client does.
* 1000 Levels of undo • All done in such a way that it doesn't hog all of your system resources.
* Text Positioning
o Freeform - characters, words, and rows can be moved around in single scanline/pixel increments.
o Center - Horizontal and vertical.
o Justify - Right, left, and both margins.
* Lower Third Mode
* User defined defaults
* Adjustable Safetitle margins
* Tabs • 16 Tabs per page, can be positioned in single pixel increments.

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